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Life in the time of Covid 19

Without any warning, our GP surgery has closed. I went to have a look this morning. There are warning tapes to stop anyone from going up the steps or the ramp to the front door. 

The website just says that the surgery is closed for "the foreseeable future" but does not say why. We have another surgery in the next village and everything we need will apparently be provided from there. Our prescriptions will be sent to the village shop. (There may be issues of confidentiality over who sees the prescriptions, not that I think anyone of the volunteers would be malicious. It's the principle of the thing, but these are extraordinary times.)

The rumour that the surgery is to be a Covid testing hub is yet to be confirmed. It certainly would not be a drive through!! If it is, I hope that people coming for testing are advised not to go to the shop. Most of our volunteers are well into retirement and not all are in good health.

I had a day doing quite a few things at home. I've cooked two of the meats that were delivered yesterday, and was delighted to have onions for both casseroles! Liz brought me more from her trip to Hexham today, along with milk and cream.

I managed to miss being at our gate when the coffin of the vicar was driven through the village. I was giving Mum a shower and we both forgot at the time.

I also set her hair (and tidied up the trim I did last week). I did the ironing too. 

This afternoon I went for a short walk on the riverside path, meeting the dog walker in my extra.

I'm getting to know people I've never seen before during this lockdown. The desire to exercise daily is certainly infecting people!!

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