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Tuesday in Northumberland

It's another lovely day after an overnight (light) frost. I set out to walk west and was able to find a variation on previous walks that avoided touching any farmers' gates. This makes this a possible walk to do without upsetting the farmers.

Also, no one else was on the same route, which made life a lot easier than yesterday. I met people as I left and re-entered the village, but that was manageable.

This tree grows just east of the first section of Hadrian's Wall that is seen from the road when you drive west from Newcastle. There is a tiny section in Newcastle itself and then, as the miles go by, drivers wonder if they are on the correct route!

If I turned through 90 degrees clockwise, to the north, I would look over the vast open country towards the Cheviot. It was hazy today but still lovely.

While I was out, the veg box and meat delivery came, only 1 day early, so Mum had to deal with it. (The best laid plans etc.)

I started on the bread for my lunch. It's excellent and from an artisan baker in Gateshead. I'll reserve judgement on the rest of the box for now, but there are 2 onions. Hooray!!

We watched University Challenge after lunch. Like others, I find Brandon rather irritating and the rest of the team seem to defer to his knowledge (which is extensive)!  I do hope we have a more equal final. I managed one that the teams did not know shame it was a guess !!

My old school friend, Kathy, phoned. We had a very long chat. Funnily enough it was yesterday when I was playing some piano music which we used in a school concert in 1964. I was on clarinet and Kathy on piano. It was Some Enchanted Evening. Her pencil markings are still there and wonderfully neat.

Takes you back........

Life in the time of Covid 19
Kathy and I managed to talk about quite a lot apart from Covid 19, but agreed that we are living in quite extraordinary times. It's tough on your own when you are a gregarious person as she is. We encouraged each other.

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