Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

More pearls... 
Started to re-thread my mums necklace and realised that this pearl thread is too thin to make knots between every pearl. I have to do at least 4 knots on top of each other and that would take forever... So I'll just redo it without knots in-between, although it's not going to be the same... or...I could do it with a double thread...I think I'll try that tomorrow. 
The other pearls is for her new necklace and perhaps also a bracelet. I think I'll make the bracelet with an elastic thread so she doesn't have to use a lock.
I've also made two other bracelets ( I might redo one of them...), made a plastic cover for my notebook and baked bread. 
The cold is slowly getting better. I'm rather tired of it now. One week of sneezing and blowing my nose and now it moved to the sinus area and parked itself there. Oh well... at least it will pas eventually.

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