Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

Since the cold is taking its time to disappear I do little thing at home. I made the bracelet yesterday evening, it's almost finished, and the necklace this morning just need a little glue on the knot before it's done. I'm planning to do another bracelet this week. Then, as I organised my jewellery making box, I realised that I miss some things... and realised that I have a larger box with pearls and stuff... so a reorganised that too, finding pearls I'd forgotten and now will make stuff from. I also have to re-string my mums necklace because the tread I used have stretched itself. I've done the pre-work on that,  which was a bit time consuming since there's a knot between every pearl and a lot of pearls...
I think having a cold is a rather good excuse for ice-cream and reading... a nice creamy ice-cream with fudge and pecan nuts. Yummy! :)

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