Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

Early this morning I woke up when my bed broke... Yes... it broke. And at 3 o'clock in the morning I just sighed and kept sleeping. A part of the wooden fram has gotten loose and fallen to the floor. I'm so tired of fixing this bed! It's over 20 years old... and has served me well, but this summer I'm making a new one, with storage! I just don't want this trouble anymore.
My work day went fine. I killed lice and was about to go kill some other lice when my boss asked me if I wanted to do some replanting instead. Yes, please! So I replanted a bunch of Geraniums until my day ended.
My boss showed us this cactus...the flower is larger than the cactus itself! Isn't it adorable? :)
On my break I went outside. It's getting warmer, thankfully. I had company with a rabbit for a while. Sweet creature, hopping around, never minding me. :) And birds in the trees, chirping. 
And the second greenhouse now houses flowers that will be placed around the city. It was nice to see that colour explosion!
When I came home, the property caretaker came by and looked at my washing machine. It behaved perfectly during his tinkering with it. We decided that I should wash a couple of machines and then get back to him tomorrow. I started one when he'd left and...guess what?? I'm doing some hand washing again, because the engine is old and grumpy... So, I'm getting the machine replaced... sometime... Don't know when... 
So, now it's time for me to do some carpentry, and put some nails into my bed and then go hand wash my clothes... 

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