Mono Monday - Contrasts

 A new shoe rack was delivered this morning so I set about making it.  It was quite easy as it just consisted of metal poles slotted through some plastic webbing sheets and fitted into plastic corners.  It holds 18 pairs of shoes so instead of rummaging through cardboard boxes trying to find matching pairs its going to be easy to find exactly what I want.

Went to my Fitness Class in the Community Centre this afternoon.  Fourteen turned up this week.  Emma -  the lady who runs the class - took our photo and put it on the Facebook page.  Fame at last.

After the class I popped into the Hermitage Garden which is just behind the Community Centre. Had a nice wander around.  It was lovely and peaceful.  No-one else in the garden but the cafe was full.

I took my blip shot in The Hermitage Garden.  The Mono Monday theme is " contrasts " and my photo shows nature in the form of plants and flowers contrasting with the man made wooden painted toadstools. Thanks to chantler63 for hosting.

After shopping in Tesco I made my way home for a snack.  Becky phoned around 4pm.  She had the day off today after the marathon yesterday.  She is knackered .  And having great difficulty walking up and down stairs.  Unfortunately she lives in a 3 storey house.  She was going to have a short nap after our call and then walk to the railway station to meet Mike after work - just so she could loosen up a bit.

Weather today was warmish ( if you were out of the wind ) and dry and there was some sunshine. Not quite Spring - but getting there.

Steps today - 10,899

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