Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Had a day indoors today as I have felt tired.  The weather didn't encourage me to go out either - cold and windy.  I found that out when I went out to bring in my recycling bin. I did some household chores but didn't achieve as much as I wanted to.

I also went online to try and sort out my trip to Derry in June. Neil is running in the Derry Marathon so I'm going to watch. Its only for 2 nights but I always get over- stressed when I'm booking travel/accommodation.  I have sorted out which flights I want - just need to book them.  I will travel on the same plane as Neil and Rachael - there and back.  That part was easy as the flights from Newcastle to Belfast are few and far between,.  Then we will get a shuttle bus from the airport.  I will get off in Derry and go to my accommodation.  Neil and Rachael will have a longer trip as they are staying with Rachaels parents. 

Booking my accommodation is proving tricky.  As I don't know Derry at all I have had to rely on the locations given by each hotel or B & B.  And a lot of them are quite vague. They say for example that its a 14 min walk to/from the shuttle stop - but of course its not as simple as that when you are a stranger dragging a suitcase.  A taxi might be the best idea.  I also need to be near The Peace Bridge which is where I intend to stand to watch Neil when he's running the marathon.  I have finally found a B & B which seems to fit the bill - I just need a second opinion from Neil and Rachael before I " press the button". ( I get a bit paranoid that I will get things wrong.)

The Tiny Tuesday challenge today is " magical".  Well this pretty little ladybird magically appeared on one of my houseplants today.  (The ladybird is actually a little brooch which measures approx 2.5cm - and the plant is a fake one )  Thanks to dfb24 for hosting.

Off to cook my tea now - rainbow trout.  Yummy.

Steps today - 4,155

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