Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


The Theme for Mono Monday today is "  Commonplace from a different perspective ".  So as you can see I have taken a shot of a couple of forks from a different perspective.  Thanks to Tryfan46 for hosting.

Usual Monday for me ... Fitness Class, shopping and Slimming Club.  Slimming Club this evening was held at The Glebe (the village cricket/football club )  as the Church Hall was in use for a Holy Week activity. The Glebe is nearer to my house so that was a bonus.  I needed to lose one pound tonight to get back inside my target range.  So what did I lose.... half a pound!   Bit disappointed but I will stay focused  and surely I will be able lose another half pound ( at least ) next week.

The weather today was bitterly cold with a strong wind. 

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