Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Whatever we do don't look at the camera.

Spent the day indoors catching up with the ironing and TV viewing mostly.  The weather was bright again but still cold.  I would have done gardening if it had been warmer.

I'm disappointed that " The Pain " is back today.  Not bad enough to need codeine though which is a positive. 

I tried to take photos of Tino and Lily to use for my blip shot today but they were determined not to look at the camera.  So here is a collage of them looking everywhere but at me.  Little devils.

Becky and Mike took part in the Brighton 10K this morning.  They usually do the Brighton Marathon but as they are running in the  London Marathon  in a couple of weeks they just did the 10km today.  Both of them did personal best times. They hung around after they had finished to cheer on friends and fellow club runners who were doing the Marathon.  Neil was also running this morning - in 10km trail run in the scenic Derwent Walk Country Park. No report yet from him as to how he got on. 

Steps today - 4,958

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