The Morrisons shopping trip has been moved to tomorrow so I was able to have a lie in today.  Caught up with some TV viewing before heading for the Health Centre for my podiatry appointment. It was a podiatrist I hadn't seen before - Brad.  Boy could he talk.  Non stop for the 20 mins I was there. I'm always relieved when its time to leave as having my feet " seen to " is not something I enjoy.

After my appointment I got the bus to Dunston as I wanted to do some food shopping in Aldi.  Before going shopping I had a wander by the River Team.  Its really lovely there - especially today as the weather was warm, dry and sunny with no wind at all.

I walked through The Saltmarsh Garden which was originally created in 1990 as part of the Gateshead Garden Festival site.  After the Festival the area was closed for 25 years. The ownership of the area transferred to Gateshead Council in 2015. and The Garden officially opened in June 2016.

The Garden was named after the tiny fragment of Saltmarsh which survives there - over 16 miles from the sea.  Its a reminder of what this area might have looked like at the time when the first horse drawn rail waggonways in the world started transporting coal into Dunston in 1671. The Saltmarsh Garden contains the main area of this type of habitat remaining in urban Gateshead and is situated on the lowest section of the River Team where it flows out into the Tyne. The Garden is also made up of an area of reedbed and young  woodland which was planted in 1990 as part of the Garden Festival site.

In my blip shot you can see part of the reedbed.  They aren't easy to spot but there are a couple of swans in the centre of my shot - they  have made a nest there.  I have tagged my blip for Wide Wednesday - the theme today is Nature/Natural.  Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting. I have also tagged it for Wild Wednesday hosted by Cailleach

I took so many photos today that I decided to make a collage of a few of them to add to my Extras. 

Steps today - 10,235

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