A Day in the Life of......

This is St Andrew Square tidied up after the Christmas Market and before the upheaval of the Festival.

I can’t now remember the vows we took when His Lordship and I got married 20 years ago, but for HL it must have been along the lines ‘.....in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer and never ever to defrost the freezer’.
Apparently that is women’s work which I am forced to do when the build up of frost makes the drawers impossible to close, and today was that day.

With the remaining deep frozen items wrapped in newspaper and put in a insulated bag outside, I put pans of boiling water in the freezer and left it to weep water wherever it was wont as we trooped off down to John Lewis to claim our free coffee and cake.

We managed to find a table overlooking the abyss that was once the St James Centre and sat transfixed as cranes and excavators swung back and forth while orange coated workmen appeared like an army of colourful ants.
I have included an extra blip of the state of play as seen through a very dirty window. It really is quite a deep hole.

Then it was back home to mop up the thawed residue of the freezer. It’s an exciting giddy old life in the Dower House today as we wait patiently for the heatwave to arrive - it’s currently 13° feeling like 11° with a 23mph wind and rain in the air. It may be a long wait.

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