Bon Voyage!!

Since booking in February last year we have been looking forward to our cruise on Cunard’s Queen Victoria. Today was the day. Finally!!
My alarm went off at 6.30am (uughhhhh!!!!) and there followed four solid hours of cleaning and tidying (even more uuuughhhhhh!!)
I can’t stand leaving a messy house and even more so when my mum and mother in law are coming to stay.
Cupboards were sorted, bedding sorted, towels sorted, tuppaware sorted and stacked properly, the ingredients cupboard sorted, floors were —mostly— hoovered, and piles of paperwork and miscellaneous “stuff” were put into a bag for life and hidden away never to be thought about again!!
Eventually it was time to pack the car with bags, children and dog and set off to Bicester.  Woohoo!!
We had to stop 100 yards down the road as Archie was desperately trying to scrabble over the cases and out of the boot as he was getting squashed and scared. After lots of manoeuvring he ended up on the back seat between the Little Misses and I took over the driving in case he ended up in the front seat. I didn’t want him slobbering all over my smart off-on-a-cruise outfit!!
We had a cup of tea at my mum’s - wanting to be polite and not appear too eager to dash off squealing with joy!!
Then it was time to say our goodbyes and set off. Whoop whoop!!
We made good time to Southampton and were soon approaching the docks. We had a slight panic because our embarkation time was 1.30pm but because we’d left late it was nearer to 2.30pm by the time we got there. As we were sat in traffic opposite the dock where we could see the Queen Victoria and were suddenly stuck by the fear that she may set sail before our very eyes and we’d just have to watch. Why did we think it was OK to completely ignore the embarkation time?!!!!! It was hideous!
Obviously all was well and we were soon giving our car keys to a parking lady while a man whisked our suitcases away. It all happens so fast  - such an odd feeling! 
Then we were on. Straight up to our cabin to crack open the welcome bottle of bubbly. Which we mix with orange juice because I love Bucks Fizz and hate champagne!!
We stayed on our balcony for a bit then headed up to the top deck for Sailaway. There was a giant P&O ship in port and as we sailed past we started blaring our horn at them. They did it back and it was soon like a cruise ship version of Close Encounters, just hilarious!!
Then it was time for the muster drill. As lighthearted and fun as usual. And as usual I was struck by the thought that it wouldn’t be so fun putting on our life jackets and going to our muster point in the middle of the night in a real emergency! 
Dressing up for dinner was fun. My first time in heels since our last cruise!!
Dinner was delicious and it was up to the Commodore afterwards for after dinner cocktails. A Piña for me and something more adventurous for Mr K. He likes to work his way through the menu!
For the first time on this cruise we chose early dining rather than late. It felt a bit odd being finished and in the Commodore by 7.30pm. We were hoping we’d do a bit more in the evenings and not feel so full and tired late at night.
It didn’t work!!! We had one cocktail each and then waddled back to the cabin for a bit of a lie down and the Spooks film on the TV.

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