Five Have a Day Out

We've had a fabulous day today. I've always wanted to go to Agatha Christie's house, Greenway, and today was the day!
We drove to Dartmouth early and after a lot of faffing about - parking, getting parking tickets, realising the maximum stay in the car park was four hours, moving the car to the park and ride and getting the bus back down into town - we got our tickets for the ferry. There was just time for some browsing in the lovely shops and ice cream eating before getting on the boat for the half hour journey up the Dart estuary to Greenway.
It was a beautiful trip - the forest coming right down to the water, the river sparking in the sun, the amazing houses. We passed the house where some of the Pilgrims spent the night before setting off to America and shipyards where they've been building ships for hundreds if not thousands of years. Brilliant!
Eventually we came to Greenway, passing the boat house in the grounds where Dead Man's Folly was set.
What a fabulous place!!!! We didn't have too long as the last boat back to Dartmouth left annoyingly early at 3pm. 
As usual when I visit places like this I was giddy at the thought that Agatha Christie had actually been there; actually walked through that door; actually looked at that view. I nearly fainted with excitement to see her actual typewriter!! (See extras) There were actual suitcases with actual luggage labels on, and wardrobes full of clothes she actually wore!! It was amazing!
Before we went into the house we had a lovely walk in the gardens down to the boat house. I've never seen so many magnolias in one place - some of them huge massive trees. The deck chairs on the lawn in front of the house were a gorgeous place to sit and admire the beautiful views down to the river. If I lived there I'd do nothing but look at the view and write books!!
Because Archie wasn't allowed inside the house only Miss L and I went in while Mr K and Miss E sat outside with him. Miss L's favourite room in the whole house was the upstairs toilet. It had a plastic frog inside which made her giggle! I was obviously obsessed with the fact that Agatha Christie's actual bottom had sat on that actual toilet!!!!! (See extras)
We walked back down the beautiful lane - dripping with ferns in the walls and bluebells everywhere - to wait for the ferry back to Dartmouth. Obviously we had ice cream and a cup of tea to tide us over until it came!!
Once we got back we bought crab lines and a bucket (because God forbid we actually bring the half dozen or so sets which are sat at home in our garage!!) and the Little Misses had an hour or so crabfishing. Never gets boring!!
Fish and chips and then back to the campsite. More Dragon Warriors for Mr K and the Little Misses. More research for me. I've been inspired by Agatha Christie's typewriter!!!

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