Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7

The Beauty of the early morning light

I was a bit undecided which photo to blip but went with the panorama taken from Ruby Bay across Tasman Bay.The coastline there has taken a real hit in the last two storms and there are now big shingle banks right along. I'm not sure if the council have dragged up the stones from the beach or they were pushed up by the waves. This isn't that early, about 8.15am but an overcast sky makes it look like dawn. Trev had a foot appointment at Mapua. We had already been for a blood test and we were too early for the next appointment so that gave me time to stop at three places on the way to look at and take some photos of local beauty spots. Looks better in large.
I'll add in extras. I find Blip seems to lighten the photos so I have left these as from camera now I think they are a bit dark.
We went to the Mapua Wharf and a chap said you missed sunrise, it was a beauty, as if I wanted to know. Chatted with a chap from Auckland off to Takaka who hadn't been here for 10 years and was taking in all the changes. He was an early bird too. Hamish the kotuku wasn't there though.

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