Beautiful Clovelly

I slipped over the border into North Devon this morning, the weather's much better over there, haha. It's been a lovely day here, as it probably has been all over the country. I met up with my brother at Clovelly, he lives in these parts, a bit inland. He's a rather fine photographer but our styles are completely different. 

Clovelly's the only village I know that charges you £7.50 to get in. I don't begrudge paying it, it's well worth the money for the unique experience but if you haven't been you need to go and find out for yourself. There are a hundred post card shots on the way down the cobbled main street and I took a few but the lovely little harbour with its many levels and its wooden spars and steps that attracts me. My main blip shows that aspect. The tide was well out while we were there and that means you can get some great low level shots. I've added an extra which I hope will amuse you.  

I'll put this one in for Wideangle Wednesday hosted by BobsBlips. Today's theme is 'Beauty' and with the gorgeous harbour, the beautiful weather and the nicely painted boats, I think this qualifies.

I've now added some shots from yesterday in my trip album if you'd like to see them and I'll put more in from today once I've worked through them. I hope you've had a good day and been able enjoy the weather.

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