The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Loose, in Gloucester Street, Stroud

The new plastic free-shop is open! And summer has suddenly arrived. I was wearing rather too many clothes for it.

First full day back at work. Swimming, too. More sword-making, and plenty of outdoor play. After work I bought an ice cream, and sat in a small park to eat it. Unfortunately many others had had the same idea, but had left their wrappers on the bench. This had attracted a large number of ants to the bench. My little sit-down was not as peaceful as I'd hoped! Still, the sun was ahining! The temperature was warm. Hot, even.

I walked home via Gloucester Street, my one street. I did not visit the new shop, but I will, some day. This shot is too light, but I liked the reflections of blue sky in the upper windows.

More WEA work' when I got home. Some day I won't be doing all this.

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