Painting in Progress

It’s Wednesday. You know what that means, well most Wednesday’s anyhow... painting in open studio. Again there were 11 of us and everybody was doing fantastically. This is how my painting ended up by the end of the day. Check out last Wednesday to see where it was when I started. I don’t seem to find time between Wednesdays to work on my paintings.

Afterwards I popped over to Shelly’s and changed out of my painting clothes. I drove him up to Costco to pick up his new glasses. He can only see the middle area of his left eye but glasses still help improve the vision he has. Then we went to my place to feed my kitties.

Now we are back at Shelly’s and he is making dinner. We are having lamb stew and pasta. I love sitting here doing my blip while he does dinner. He has the same experience at my house. When we are there I make dinner and he relaxes.

Tomorrow morning we are heading south to the tulip fields in Skagit Valley. Guess what I’ll be blipping tomorrow.

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