Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7

Hibiscus seedhead

When I first had the idea for this to be my blip it was late afternoon and the hairs on the pod were golden in the sun. This morning it was on and off sun and then a breeze so i got a totally different result. I used the macro with tripod and timer of course and chose my own settings on manual. I haven't needed to do a thing to it which is a bonus. The AV and TV settings came out far too yellow or green and this is a more natural colour.

Had the flu injection today and as the government are now offering free shingles vaccinations we will have those next Friday.

Blipmate came round for a cuppa and a catchup. We are out of our weekly routine. We have a young woman from Australia arriving for two days. Her first time in NZ and going by her facebook page she is loving the sea and beach and boats. From inland Victoria it will be a change. Just hoping the weather plays its part.

Thanks Biker Bear.

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