Colours of Spain

When we booked this cruise last year we chose it because it meant we'd be away for our anniversary and we liked the itinerary - La Rochelle, Bilbao and Guernsey. 
We checked out the fourth port of call - Gijón (which we'd been pronouncing Ghee-Zhon but is actually the hilariously sounding donkey noise Hee-Haw - and decided it didn't look like it was worth going to and we'd be staying onboard that day!
But having missed out on Bilbao yesterday and never having set foot on mainland Spain we decided we may as well at least go and have a walk around and soak up some Spanish sun.
I'm so glad we did!! What an unexpectedly lovely place!
We had a lovely few hours wandering around the harbour; heading up to the park on the cliffs over looking the city which has a sculpture Gijón is "famous" for (it didn't make my montage as it's not colourful enough! See extras) and then into the town to the lovely church, promenade and beach, and then for a wander round the pretty streets, squares and alleys.
Walking past a shop window I spotted some lovely prints in their basement so - despite it being very white, sparse, empty and intimidating - we headed in. Some of us (me) more keenly that others (Mr K)
I said hola to the woman as we headed down the stairs and hoped she wouldn't come and speak to us!!! What a fabulous shop!!! La Cosmica - definitely worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Gijón.
I could have bought the entire shop but we managed to restrain ourselves and bought this, this and a print of a cafe which reminds us of both Spain and France!!
The owner was lovely and waved away our apology for not speaking any Spanish. Apart from hola and gracias!! 
More than happy with our purchases and our unexpectedly lovely time in Gijón we headed back to the ship. 
It was only 3pm when we got back so time for tea and an afternoon on deck. Our usual spot on the Lido deck. With our usual cocktails, sandwiches and cookies (me), burger and chips (Mr K)
Mr K slept and I read travel magaines. Bliss!!
We have been having dinner at the early seating (6pm) but we don't like it so we asked last night could we move to the later seating (8.30pm). The lovely Maitre D' told us to come late tonight and he'd "sort us out"!
He did and we had a lovely table with lovely waiters! They were very pleased to hear that we liked 8.30 so much better!! It was a completely different experience, I'm so pleased we moved!
And it meant we could stay out on deck until after 6pm and still have a couple of hours to relax in the cabin before getting ready. So much better!

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