Pulsatilla gradis (greater pasque flower)

This afternoon LyndseyJ and her husband paid us a visit to show us their 557(!) wedding photographs - and we really did look at every single one. Indeed we very much enjoyed taking our time over them, sharing stories of the ceremony, reception, and everyone that we met on the day.

Then after lunch (roast pepper and tomato soup, and Oakville salad) the four of us took a wander around the Royal Botanic Garden, cameras at the ready. I was rather taken by the purple flowers and furry leaves of the pulsatilla gradis, as blipped. We were all very impressed with the beautiful, warm, sunny weather :-)

This evening I returned to the kitchen to make a chicken pie for Mr hazelh's supper. We almost forgot that Jack's band Chil is playing in Leith this evening, so we'll pop out again later to catch the first set.

Exercise today: walking (17,834 steps)

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