Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7

Blue and rust

Funny sort of composition. It was a really blue sky, blue sea day and the Janie Seddon provided the rust. Always talk that it isn't safe, it needs to be gone but hopefully it is just hot air again and we don't have to chain ourselves to it to save it. Extra shows more. Once I might have saved it for historical purpose but now more for photography.

WE went to the market with our young visitor and she spent up on gifts for folks back home. We saw things in quite a different light through her eyes. I can't believe how much she has packed into a week in NZ. On a cheap middle of the night Jetstar flight she hit the ground running and had guided tours round Christchurch and told me things I didn't know about the garden city. Oh to be young and full of energy.
We are all over facebook too apparently. I will see what we look like before I share.

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