This morning we went to the Capitol Cinema in Dominion Road, Balmoral (an inner city suburb of Auckland). Our younger daughter, J, is a member of the Green Party, and as well as being part of the policy development group, she organises various things for the local branch. She organised a showing of the documentary "Eden; the Complete Inside Story". 

The art gallery where S' mother had held her two exhibitions, arranged for Robin Kewell to take photos at the second exhibition. Mother-in-law invited him to her gathering to celebrate her 98th birthday in February. At that gathering J talked to Robin, who was the cameraman who filmed the planning and building of Eden in Cornwall. He did a special editing to reduce the length considerably, and it was shown to an unfortunately small audience this morning.

It was a really fascinating film and so encouraging in the way that people worked with others to achieve a dream. Perhaps the most cheering was that when there was a proposal to further develop the project with a grandiose and expensive scheme, the group opted instead to do something simpler (and cheaper) to provide an education centre, which had always been a central part of their aim.

My blip shows J enjoying a conversation with someone I do not know during the interval when there were wonderful Anzac biscuits with coffee. I did try to get a photo of Robin Kewell, but the lighting was wrong. So my extra is of a new (to me) Paul Walsh painted utility box just off Dominion Road almost exactly opposite the cinema.

The recently elected co-leader of the Green Party (Marama Davidson) was at the screening and gave an excellent wee talk just before second session started.

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