By Veronica


We went to see a one-man-show called Une Saison en Cabane at the chateau in Paraza this evening. The chai where they do their tastings is very grand (get the wrought-iron gates and the chandeliers ...) but not that suitable for such an event. There was an audience of perhaps 150 people and I would say a fifth (those sitting directly in front of him and not too many rows back) could hear and see everything. The rest of us, around the edges, not so much, especially when he turned his back. There was lots of laughter from those who could hear, so it probably was funnier than we thought it was. Apparently he was offered a radio mike but refused. 

Still, it only lasted about an hour and was over by 8 o'clock; we stopped at O Mazette on the way home for wine and tapas. It was just possible to sit outside, provided you were warmly dressed.

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