Spring Party in the Daffodils

It was a lovely spring day, and finally one that we could spend catching up around the house. For me, that meant raking and tidying up the yard (at last), doing a lot of laundry, and caulking the seams in the trunk of my Mazda, in an attempt to find and fix the spot that's been leaking for the past few months. Fun stuff, right?

But while I was toiling away, a bunch of our critters decided to have a party in the daffodils. I think those little fuzzy peeps were the instigators. They were yellow and the flowers were yellow; the little birds thought it was a match made in heaven.

But there was so much more going on! A dinosaur, a kangaroo, a giraffe, a porcupine, a wild cat, a couple of green Crittergator riders in a rumble seat, and a little bear who clearly became a chick magnet while driving that colorful little Austin Powers VW bug. (You may see a larger shot of "Chick Magnet" in the extras.)

Alas, when it was time to finish up the party, one of the yellow birds got stuck in the tippy-tops of the daffodils, and we had to bring in a crane to get him out. A tiny red-shirt overcame his fear of heights to perform the rescue. ("The Rescue" is also available in the extras.) !!!!!

The song to accompany this little springtime adventure is the Beastie Boys with (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party).

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