Mystery Man In The Mist

I was woken in the night by an electric storm, so even though I'd told MrQ I wanted to be up early to go to Lodge Farm on a hare hunt I didn't think the weather would be good enough. He brought my tea early and it turned out to be a beautiful morning.

As I got out of the car I spotted a figure in the mist carrying a tripod. I've never seen another photographer here before so was intrigued to find out what they had come to capture. When I caught up it was a man with a 'scope not a photographer. He had come to look at and count the birds. We had a nice chat and went our separate ways. The skylarks were singing their hearts out.

I think I got a brief glimpse of hares in a field of beans. I thought I'd got decent images of a yellowhammer and a whitethroat but they were soft. :( I got an error message on my camera to clean its contacts.

The structure like a table on the left of my image is the concrete cowling over an air vent to the underground bunker that was in use in the last war when this area was a decoy airfield. 

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