This is Meg. Meg is another Burra Bear made from an old cardigan. Unlike Hume,  who was made from a cardigan which had genuinely done its bit and was ready to be recycled, Meg is made from a cardigan which in an episode of arrant carelessness I shrank and felted all by myself. Getting Meg made rather gives lie to my statement that I’m not an adult collector of teddy bears but in my defence I have three reasons.

1) The cardigan wasn’t by any means new but it had life left in it. I’d successfully washed it many times in the past. And it wasn’t cheap; purchased when I was still employed full time and had disposable income for such things

2) It’s not a colour I usually wear so for this reason and 1) above is unlikely to be replaced. But a nice reminder that I don’t always go for safe neutrals.

And most importantly
3) I bought the cardigan on my last jaunt out with M. It wasn’t the last time I saw her but it was the last time we were able to wander about, have coffee and put the world to rights. M died horrifyingly quickly and far too young a few months after this shopping trip. She was a great pal to me and I miss her.

So for these reasons I contacted Wendy at Burra Bears to ask if she could make Meg. Meg was not a diminutive which M ever, to my knowledge, used but near enough to be a reminder for me without, I hope, being mawkish (which M most definitely was not).

I must say I’m thrilled with Meg. I will buy more Burra Bears if we have another family baby as this is my tradition. But I really won’t be buying another one for myself.

In other news I’ve been working up in Dundee today and in a daring break with tradition I’m going to yoga tonight instead of tomorrow.

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