Four paws off the ground

Didn't intend to use Flora yet again but she's an easy blip!

I rushed to do a bit of gardening and hanging washing out before the rain arrived. There had been a bit overnight which the garden appreciated. I think that's the end of the particularly lovely weather for a while now as today's rain has appeared as forecast.

After that flurry over to Kings Park to walk the dogs and make use of the cafe. Flora found an abandoned tennis ball and had a lot of fun chasing it. She does 10 times as much walking as I do because she charges about in circles. Meanwhile Otter plodded along like the old dog he now is. He doesn't like Kings Park anyway as he is afraid golf courses and there's a big one in the park.

Last night's Community Council meeting happened and gave me a taste of what's ahead. I'm glad to have the chance to do something positive for the area in which I live. That's the idea anyway.

Off to talk babies and dividing your time and attention between three grandchildren with my friend J later. I can learn from her.

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