Wally Dugs

Also known as 'china dog figurines'. I've brought you real dogs, now it's the turn of the wally dugs. I'm not an ornament-y sort of person but I do like the wally dugs. They're really small - only 2-3" high so not as imposing as some you might see. I also have a pair of wally cats which I will blip one day but they're not as fine as the dogs. Unfortunately the wally dugs don't have any distinguishing mark so I don't know where they were made. They were a present many moons ago and bought in a shop about 500 miles away so who knows their provenance.

After a sleepless night I was at the hairdresser first thing for a tidy up then on the train to Edinburgh. There I met a former colleague for coffee. She's had a horrible time in the past year or so and it was really good to see her and catch up. My planned train home was cancelled which was a bit of a nuisance.

Tonight I'll be going to the bowling club to pay my dues. I'm joining as a social member only this year. I want to support the club but I have to be realistic about how many games I'm going to play. Last year - none. But as a social member I can be a small part of the club, go and watch friends bowl and I might even make use of the bar on occasion.

It's wet and a lot chillier than recently. Not a very pleasant day for walking but needs must. The wally dugs don't need exercise but the actual dogs do.

Wishing everyone a good weekend.

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