RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Oaxaca Museum

The internet says that Oaxaca has 37 museums. While I think some of those are really art galleries, there is no doubt that these "museums" have taken up a good portion of our time here. We did, however, save the best for last - the Centro Cultural Santo Domingo (yes, that church again). This museum is in the former monastery, which is adjacent to the church, and was active as a monastery from 1608 until 1857 (thank you Wikipedia). In 1993 restoration was undertaken as the building had suffered from use as a barracks during Mexico’s revolutionary wars. I could have showcased this amazing restoration, but couldn’t choose a single image that adequately conveyed the result of this massive undertaking (we saw before and after photos in one of the display rooms). What I chose to show instead was the camera used by Pierre Verger to document changing civilizations in the mid 1900s. The great photos of people in places we have visited throughout Mexico from his trip here in 1937 made me want to see more his work from other areas of the world.

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