Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Yellow gorse and threatening sky

This afternoon it was a case of "the clouds you so much dread ..." (think hymns and you might get it - virtual Mars Bar if you do!) in that apart from a fierce but brief shower before we went out the clouds seemed to avoid us. This is at the Ardyne, looking north-west over the farmland towards the hills on the other side of Loch Striven, and we came here simply because when we emerged from our lane there seemed to be brightness down here rather than where we'd intended walking.

A good walk up the road as far as Knockdow and back gave me by the end of the day 5,000 steps more than my goal and a clean sweep of goals met on my Fitbit. This pleases me because though we watched a great deal of sport at the weekend we were not ourselves madly active, and it's the one thing that makes me feel good in myself to be tired and hungry by the end of the afternoon because of activity.

My extra photo is of a magazine cutting that my sister sent me - Daniel Findlay, the English teacher who inspired the author of the Hamish MacBeth novels and other works to begin writing, was my dad. And yes, he was a marvellous teacher!

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