Down a bit, left a bit

Another early start today, for CRM demos at work.  I popped out at lunch for a short walk round the block, just to get some air, a little bit of exercise, and most importantly a photo or two.  I was heading for the Barbican highwalk (my usual fallback), but spotted this crane construction on the way, so took a few shots - this was my favourite with the man craning his neck (pardon the pun) to see the top section being lowered.

I stayed to do box fit this evening, which was punishing!  I hadn't done it for weeks and the instructor chose today to suddenly step up the pace and intensity.  Bad timing!  I think I'm glad I did it though...  Still feeling pretty good at the moment, so hoping I can keep that up.

Tim stayed home today for a new HD TV aerial to be fitted (Freeview did it for free, as the signal quality had really dropped since they changed the transmitters recently).  Lovely clear signal now!

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