My 2015

By Clairy

Surgery day

Today I had my long awaited surgery on my shoulder.

Nil by mouth since night before and Hubby took me to the hospital for 8am where I was told I was on afternoon list. Shortly afterwards I was then told things had changed and I was going down at 9am, lots of things happened then to get me ready for theatre. The staff were so lovely and kind, I had a good chat with anaesthetist and I was to have a GA and nerve block.

The. I met my surgeon who asked if I had been offered chance to be awake ie avoid a GA, he explained it al to me and said he would speak to the anaesthetic team by if they were happy was my choice. I said yes as it’s a quicker recovery and if you can avoid a GA it’s much lower risks.

So I walked into the theatre pre room and was talked though it all and well looked after, the anaesthetic team got set up, she did the cannula and nerve block which was odd as your arm starts twitching then you can’t move it! They have me some meds to calm me and I was then taken into the operating theatre.
It was a weird feeling as no pain but could hear all the discussions and felt like you were in the room but not!

The operation went well and he didn’t have to do some of what he may have so the recovery should be not as elongated as first expected.

Feel very sleepy and dopey but no pain as still completely numb, went home late afternoon with hubby and he made me something to eat. Slept on an off all evening and went to bed at 8.

Feeling very loved with lost of messages and had some lovely flowers too.

Jack had a lovely day at home with Nanny Mops as he was worried so she kept him occupied and happy.

More on the recovery tomorrow, I should do a blog as when researching surgery I couldn’t find anything on post op recovery other than physio stuff!

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