Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Crow on a twig

No, of course I didn't take either half of this shot today, but as I didn't fancy going out blipping in the rain, I did spend far too much time this morning trying to learn how to put bits from different images together. So I do hope that counts.  And although it's far from perfect, it did make me laugh, getting the great heavy crow to sit on a really very tiny twig! 

Anyway, if allowed, this is my entry for Admirer's SillySaturday challenge.  Thanks so much, Admirer :)

Apart from which I've done very little, all good intentions having quietly absented themselves.

But I hope all of you have had a brill Saturday, one way or another, and I'll talk to you later  xx

As suggested by Freespiral (below) I am also putting this into Marcus_Hediger's current Magical Realism challenge, #EP22.  Thanks, Marcus..

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