Winchester Cathedral

Crypt (which I was lucky to have to myself, there being several tour parties in the Cathedral) :)

I decided last night that I really needed to get out today, so off I went to Winchester.  Its over a year since I last visited the Cathedral so to go today was great :)

Much more here including a different versioninteresting quote (or graffiti), and some photos (starting here) in the Dean Garnier Garden  which I have never visited before (more on this here)

Treated myself to a coffee before I went to the Cathedral and lunch at Prezzo's afterwards .... I rarely go out for lunch, so that was a treat :)

This morning before I went I wrote an email to 3 close friends to ask them to help me in my house.  

They are all willing to help in various ways to make my scruffy house a little less worn than it currently is (and to do some major decluttering which I've been trying to get done for ages) for which I am so grateful....finding it hard without Billy and the weekends are dragging at the moment, so its best to make it busy instead!

Tonight I've been invited round to one of them (and her hubby came over and fixed my outside light this afternoon) for a game of scrabble which will be fun :)

Will have to watch Casualty on catch up....

Happy Saturday folks :)

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