The second half of life..

By twigs

The sound of the sea

Was up later than planned but earlier than ususal to put the final touches to packing the van and prepping the house.  By mid-morning I was off and away on my southern adventure.

Decided to head the east coast route via Kaikoura as there's a lot of rain forecast for the west.  Hopefully by the time I return the West Coast will be bathed in glorious autumnal sunshine :)

Stopping place tonight is the beach I 'found' just a couple of weeks ago - Hapuku, just north of Kaikoura.  There are a few campers here already and despite a large, clear sign explicitly saying not to light fires, there's one blazing away a couple of hundred metres along the beach.  Behaviour like this is apparently putting this beach in jeoopardy of being closed to freedom campers.  Should I say something?  I toyed with it but cowarded out.  

To sleep with the sound of the Pacific pounding in my ears.......oddly, a very peaceful and calming sound.

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