Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1282. EP22 - Magical manipulation!

I got an email about this challenge and as I love a bit of jiggery pokery in Lightroom and Photoshop, I thought I'd give it a go....the labrador isn't mine and I didn't taker her today but the bedside lamp (which after all makes up most of the image) is mine and was taken today....I don't want to fall foul of the rules (as sadly Cailleach did recently and has decided to stop Blipping as a result of the back lash...caused as I understand by one person complaining about the proposed "Whensday" challenge - which I also believe she withdrew).

So here is my take on Experimental Photography....not a huge manipulation but I thought quite a funny one...I would love to have that beautiful lab peeping at me any time...she was adorable...a trainee guide dog puppy....

Coming back to the Cailleach thing....I'm always sad to hear that long standing Blippers decide to withdraw after a bit of a spat with in this case as I have been told is with the site regulators.  It does seem a bit sad that what is supposed to be a community run photo journal site takes offence over a seemingly innocuous post which then results in someone feeling so perplexed that they withdraw.  I have posted photos not taken on the day quite a few times and I know that this is not considered to be acceptable as it is a "daily" photo site...but there are sometimes circumstances that take over my daily life that might make a photo taken that day impossible to do....I always acknowledge this if I do break the rules.  I have been on the receiving end of some quite unpleasant comments (actually via the FB page which I did leave altogether for a while) after posting some joyous photos of a family wedding over two days a few years ago.  I was proud of my photographic achievements in being the wedding photographer for this event and wanted to savour that over a couple of days....yes I broke the rules....but at the end of the day it's my journal...and I do pay for the use of this site as a member....and I don't make a habit of breaking this rule  (I think the terms "breaking" and "rules" are emotionally harsh for this and prefer "bending" and "guidelines").  But.... I am may be in the minority on this but I have always like the phrase.."be excellent to each other" which, as a guiding principle is a good one.  I have only ever unfollowed one fellow Blipper after what I perceived as a slightly unpleasant comment after I posted an image not taken on that day...I was upset by this so removed the offending image and posted some crappy image I took quickly just to make sure that I didn't get into trouble....I wasn't asked to remove the image but I guess that if the Blipper had reported me I would have no doubt had a message telling me to stick to the "rules".  Either way it changed my attitude and behaviour on this site and made me think carefully about whether or not it was as friendly a community as I had first thought.  On reflection I decided it was an isolated incident, unfollowed the Blipper and carried on enjoying the site....I do hope that Cailleach can do the same, or everyone loses out....

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