Clematis Frances Rivis

I finally got the much-delayed clematis photo as the rain is off for a day and although it's a bit breezy it's not as bad as it was.  It has put on a lot of growth since last year and I think we'll have to decide how far to let it wander. Space is at a bit of a premium, and it's not too far away from an equally vigorous clematis tangutica. Disentangling the two next spring would be a bit of job. This clematis is a lovely sight in full flower - it's just a bit of a shame that its peak flowering has coincided with the bad weather. 

I must try to get it to move into the bare area below the main flowers, though I imagine it wants to go up, not down, as the new shoots are appearing mostly higher up on the plant.

After all the rain, the river's rising again, and as it's supposed to be heavy rain tomorrow there might even be a bit of flooding over the fields.

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