Garden tulips

The garden tulips are keeping going despite the cold, though it may be that that's making them last. I can't remember what the shorter orange ones are called, but the tall orange are Ballerina and the purple are Queen of the Night. I had aimed focus on the central flowers of the nearer orange tulips, but it looks to me as if the camera opted for the foliage of the farther orange group instead, so I'll have to watch out for how the autofocus behaves. I'm also gradually realizing that the depth of field for close focus at the long end of the lens is very shallow, so close-up photos are trickier than I'd expected. Still, it's fun finding out what the lens is good, and not so good, at.

It does look as if we'll get some warmer weather in the next day or two, and I hope that'll mean that spring really is here. 

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