Bluebells Underneath the Canopy

My day started very early - soon after 5 am (that's a getting up time normally reserved for heading to airports for holidays!).  This morning, however, I was going to a local church to sing madrigals at 6 am from the top of the tower.  It seemed a good idea last night when I agreed but on a cold and frosty morning I thought that May could welcome itself in!  Once up and out it wasn't so bad, and there was a good breakfast afterwards for singers and audience (quite a few locals - but at the bottom of the tower).

After the madrigals, I headed for a well known bluebell spot - Dockey's Wood on the Ashridge Estate.  Here there was certainly a carpet of the flowers and I was just about early enough to escape most of the tripods and cameras that gradually invaded.  The National Trust have taken measures to prevent damage to the delicate plants.  Last year, most of the paths were still accessible but this year there were even more restrictions, making close up photography challenging.  At weekends this place is best avoided!  Worth going though and I took my Nikon D750 as well as the Olympus to give a wider range of lens choice and save a bit of changing lenses.  This blip is taken with my wonderful 12mm Samyang on the Nikon to get the really wide angle.  I'll add a bluebell blip for Tiny Tuesday and one from the church tower looking out across the frozen field and churchyard.

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