A friend of mine was up with the lark this morning to photograph the mayday sunrise at Otley Chevin.....and he was greeted by a scene of traditional Morris Dancers wafting their kerchiefs in the glow of the morning sun.  He took a stunning photo.... and I am so jealous!  (Note to self, next May Day, get out of bed early you lazy mare and get up to the Chevin!)
Mayday was also the day that we went from winter uniform to summer uniform in the WRNS.  We wore a shirt and tie from 1st October to 1st May when we could wear an open necked shirt all summer....ahh that was nice.  And I always switch the central heating off on the 1st May and back on again on the 1st October as a result.
Nothing very Mayday about my blip.... but the blossom I planned wasn't quite out and I didn't spy a Morris Dancer all day...... So you've a pair of shoes waiting to be polished.  Dad used to polish our shoes every night when I was young bless him.... and I used to polish the kids shoes neeeearly every night when they were young too.  (I especially liked polishing the girls patent leather shoes!) Now, it's a toil to get the polish out.... no shoes were polished in the taking of this blip :/

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