An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

May Day...

I can't believe it's the 1st of May already.  Of course as tradition dictates, I was out in the garden at 5am washing my face in the morning dew not :-)

David reported that he was up with Lola three times during the night (i didn't hear a thing!) to let her out to do her business.  She has a bit of an upset stomach.  She hasn't eaten anything today other than some treats.  I even made her scrambled egg this evening but she didn't want that either.

She's been for two walks and was her usual self when out and about but was slow walking home.  David bought her a new bed this afternoon and she has spent the bulk of the day sleeping on it or on the sofa.  I am really worried about her as this is so unlike her.

I have poached some chicken thighs in water and will offer her a drink of chicken water once it cools and save the chicken to try and tempt her to eat tomorrow.  If no better in the morning then a wee trip to the vet is in order I think.

I hate it when she's not well (not that it's happened that often since we got her) as it worries me so much.  She really is like another child to me!  Hoping she will be back to her usual bouncy, mischievous self soon.  

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