An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

One step forward...

Lola is much better today I am happy to report :-))

She drank some chicken water and ate some poached chicken last night and David slept downstairs to be close at hand if she needed out to relieve herself.  She only barked to get out once and just for a wee so all was well.

She's been her usual self today, mooching for treats, hovering around the dishwasher as it's being filled, and greeting us with her usual waggy tail.  Whatever was bothering her seems to have gone but will keep an eye on her for a couple of days.  She's just has pavement walks today as we felt her energy levels would be low after yesterday but hopefully she will be back to proper walks tomorrow.

So thankfully Lola appears to be on the mend, but while she's taken a step forward, I feel I've taken a step back.  I finished the antibiotics today and while my chest feels better than it was, it's still not right.  I'm still wheezing and feeling congested and now on top of that, despite my best efforts I think I have succumbed to a couple of side effects of the antibiotic.  Will phone the Health Centre in the morning and hopefully get an appointment.

 I was full of good intentions to get things done today as Alan's friend Andrew is here tomorrow and I need Friday to get things organised for friends coming at the weekend but alas I didn't get any further than a brief wander in the garden to get my blip.

Hoping I will go to bed and wake up feeling fine (been saying that for nearly two weeks now surely it must happen soon?!) 

Sorry for being so behind with your journals but my concentration levels are non existent at the moment.  I hope I will be able to catch up soon :-)

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