An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

What a grey day...

I was up at 6.30 this morning to try and get ahead of myself.  I really should get up at that time more often as I feel I have more energy than if I sleep till 8.00am.

I phoned the Health Centre at 8.00am to ask to be seen today if possible.  The system is a GP phones you back for a phone consultation then decides if you need to be seen.  The GP I spoke to decided I did so gave me an appointment for 11.40am with the GP who prescribed the antibiotics to me last week, so at least I didn't have to explain the situation to him.

After listening to my chest he said it was much better than last week and he suspects the congestion and wheeze I am still experiencing is down to the infection causing inflammation of my airways.  I've to keep using the inhaler and see how it goes.  If it's not any better in a few weeks time, he will consider referring me for an asthma check. 

It's apparently unusual to develop asthma in one's fifties although my mum did.  I suspect that was due to the fact she was a heavy smoker till she stopped completely in her mid forties.  Thankfully I have never had so much as a single puff of a cigarette, so that's in my favour.

David went to pick Alan's pal Andrew up and they stopped on the way back to pick up sausage rolls from the baker for lunch.  I was very good and had toast with banana.  The very thought of the pastry is enough to give me heartburn!

After lunch Shelley took Alan and Andrew to Stirling to locate the venue of a disco they are hoping to start going to on a Friday night.  They then found  a nice coffee shop to enjoy a snack in.

David and I headed to Gloagburn as Ashleigh starts her maternity leave next week and I wanted to buy her and the baby a small leaving gift.  We will give the baby her proper gift once she arrives.  Unfortunately they didn't have any of the lovely hand knitted baby clothes they usually do, so I bought some cute little bandanas instead.  

Andrew and Alan have had a lovely day and Andrew has already made sure we have a date in the diary for his next visit.  Never misses a trick that lad :-)) 

Lola has been a joy today and I have been very relieved to see her back eating her usual food.  She had a great walk with the dog walker this afternoon and returned absolutely filthy.  Fortunately her coat is like teflon and after a wash down of her undercarriage and a brush, she is back to being a fluffy golden again.

Almost the weekend.  I can hear Saturday calling :-))

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