An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The Sentinel...

Had an appointment in Dundee this morning so we were up and out early.  Not difficult then the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the birds are singing.

Once finished in Dundee we decided to head to Broadslap Farm coffee shop for lunch but the sign at the end of the road said closed.  The gate was open though so we thought we would double check just incase they'd forgotten to change their sign.  Sadly the sign was accurate but all was not lost as the road took us right alongside some stunning fields so we stopped the car and out came the camera (see extras for yellow shots :-)

Not sure how long we were there for as it was so beautiful, time really did stand still.   Not another soul around, warm sunshine on our faces, the beautiful scent of outdoors in late spring, sheep bleating in the distance and birds singing their hearts out.  

I experienced one of those moments of pure happiness that starts in your boots and works its way up until you want to sing.  Thankfully I didn't :-))

Once I had all the shots I wanted, we headed to Delivinos for lunch before heading home.   Alan and Ashleigh were out in Alan's new car.  It is proving a hit and he is keen to get out and about in it.  The builders were working away happily so D headed to the driving range and I sat in the garden room with the bifold doors wide open, editing my photos.  Bliss.

Alan arrived back just before 5pm.  He had had a brilliant time (they'd ended up in Callendar) and was very happy (see extra)  

The weather forecast is excellent for the next few days.  Hoping to head out early on an adventure tomorrow.   Camera battery is charging :-)   

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