An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Fun times and flowers...

It was an early rise for us both this morning as D had an early tee off time with his pal Keith at Dullatur Golf Club.  Thankfully Mairi was on hand to provide the pre-golf bacon rolls.

I had a healthier start to the day with sugar free museli and some fruit followed by cuddles with Lola.  Perfect start.

Lola headed off for a romp on the moor with her pal R and I went through to the study to clear my desk (I don't know how it happens, one minute my desk is clear then I blink and my tidy desk is covered in paperwork and all sorts of items searching for their place in the world!)  Also wanted to get some household admin dealt with then spend some time planning photography locations on Harris & Lewis when we visit later this year.

Managed to get my desk cleared and the admin out of the way in record time then on to holiday planning.  I joined the Isle of Harris FB page last week, which is choc full of information about the Island and suggestions for anyone holidaying there.  I started keeping a list of information on places to visit, restaurants and cafes, historic sights etc etc and as I looked through the list this afternoon, I realised we need a month there, not just a week!  I suspect there will be more than one return visit.

Time passed in the blink of an eye and then David was back, having enjoyed the golf and the good weather.  He'd also stopped at the M&S food hall in Dunblane and bought venison steaks, Jersey Royals, Asparagus and carrots for dinner.  Delicious!

Now going to get organised for Alan's pal Andrew visiting tomorrow.  Alan's car is in the garage (problems with the suspension, we think due to the wheelchair conversion) so they won't be able to get out and about tomorrow like they usually do.  Will need to have some ideas up my sleeve on how to amuse them before they go swimming at 5pm.  

Andrew will by hyper as our holiday with the Calvert Trust at Kielder is getting closer.  Maybe spending a couple of hours chatting about the logistics of that will pass the time till swimming! :-))

Thirty-eight years since the crash!

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