59 and a bit more

By 59

Evening flight

Ross owns some racing pigeons. He lets them out for some exercise in the evenings, they make a loud noise flying around (which is nice)...Ross lives around the corner in the next street. I am friends with his daughter Kate.

The day started early, having some routine fasting blood tests.... that means no cuppa...how can you survive without a cuppa? I walked up to the clinic, it was about 500 steps. Nice to walk and not have to drive. The other big thing today was to make a couple of pumpkin fruit cakes, one is for Grange’s birthday next weekend. ( see extra).

The other extra is Tom and his new friend Champ. Tom is trying a different bed, Champ has to lie in the one with no bedding, they pulled it out last week and it went in the bin. He is a nice little dog but is still trying to eat the cat at every opportunity. Meals have to be planned so that they all get their own dinner and the cat isn’t eaten by mistake.

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