By Veronica

Surprise party

Still backblipping, yesterday is here.

Back home today. We were on the same plane as B coming back, so we took her home with us for the night. Mystère was so ecstatic at our return that he even inadvertently cuddled up to B. And G reported that she'd seen him every day, even though she'd had to resort to creeping into the house and hiding behind doors.

Annoyingly, it was better weather in Nottingham than it was at home, where it was grey and windy. Particularly annoying as this evening the Centre Culturel was planning to do its second Parcours Secret beneath our windows (not so secret for us, as we'd been told about it in advance). Although the weather was a bit brighter by early evening, it was far too windy to contemplate outdoor shows after dark.

Somewhat after the appointed hour, four coaches rolled up, delivering about 250 spectators to the old pétanque ground outside the Mairie, to the surprise of local residents. We watched a dance show lasting 20 minutes or so in which this group of 5 dashed around in a highly choreographed and synchronised way. Even if it got a bit samey you had to admire the mental and physical prowess of moving in synchrony like this. See also extra.

The next part of the show was in the village hall; a very sweet one-woman dance/mime show of which I didn't catch the name. I obeyed the no photos allowed rule, otherwise I would have blipped this. There was some audience participation, from two people I'm sure had been preselected as they executed their parts perfectly.

Edit: Claire Ducreux. See part of the show here.

The third part would have required us to take the car and follow the coaches back to Ferrals. We were all quite tired from a long day, so we skipped this and walked home. Such a shame about the weather, it would have been lovely on a balmy spring evening with a vin d'honneur on the square to finish.

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