By KirstyHalbert

Beneath The Street.

I've finally found the mystical tunnels Hopps1 Blipped in June! The main part of these old stone arches can be found easily, down the steps from Union Street and along the cobbles, following the sound of pigeons flapping and puddles slowly filling, drip by drip. This shot is actually of a car park with a huge steel door that slams closed into a wall of metal that lies flush against the stonework - so unremarkable that it's almost invisible. I've never, ever seen it before... But today, at lunchtime, the steel door was open. At first, I could only see blackness, but after loitering in the least suspicious manner I could conjure up, a car arrived and the lights magically fired up. I noticed the security cameras following me, so I didn't linger - 8 photos and done. This was my last; I liked the power cable on the right.

Funny to think that people were treading the pavements over my head, completely oblivious. Someone once told me that there's a network of tunnels throughout Aberdeen, and that's why there are so many huge, Victorian painted gas vents dotted around the city (one day I'll Blip one)... I'm not sure it's true, though.

Today was another busy one at work. I was in my secondment office and met with my manager today to discuss my leaving to go back to my regular office. It looks as though I'll begin 'phasing out' next week, with a view to being back at my regular office full-time by Christmas.

M was in London today, catching a 6am flight down and an 8pm flight back, for meetings with clients. I had a chilled out evening to myself - some interval training at the gym, a healthy dinner and a couple of comedy shows on the TV. I'm currently uploading this photo to Blip in bed, with a very shattered M snoring next to me. Hopefully a mini-lie-in tomorrow, I love flexi-time.

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