Full of Beans

Another morning without Miss L this morning. It feels very odd!
Today mostly involved eating Mr K's secret stash of chocolate. Very delicious Lindt hazelnut. Mmmmmmm!!!!!!
He really needs to find better hiding places!
I was very excited to go and collect Miss L this afternoon. She saw me from about fifty yards away and bellowed "MUMMY!!!!!!!" at the top of her voice. It was brilliant!!
And after the best hug ever (so, so, so good to see her!!) she announced that the Frontier Centre had been "AWESOME"!!!!! 
She was giddy telling me all about it. It sounds like they had an amazing time.
As soon as we got home she went out on the trampoline. Telling me more about her adventures while she bounced.
I was hoping she may have worn herself out a bit and want to snuggle up on the sofa. But no, she wanted to go out for a roller-skate ride!!
So off we went!! In the rain!
Eventually it was time to go and collect Miss E from After School Club. They were clearly very please to be together again despite trying their best to pretend they hadn't missed each other at all. Sweet and ridiculous!!
All back under one roof tonight. I'm glad Miss L had such a good time but I'm glad she's back!!

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