What a day!

In the morning we finally got our address changed to our current one. Here you have to visit the town hall to do it. This was our second try. Last time the address didn't exist in the system. It took the guy 30 minutes to do the change. It required some phone calls,  a lot of copies, documents and typing on computer. Estamos muy felices that we got this finally done.

Then we went shoe shopping to Alicante Outlet. I'm walking so much that I needed new trainers. Actually I would have needed 2 pairs, but I'm happy with the one pair I got. I'll find the other later. At least I can continue to walk.

I've been washing two machines full of hand dyed fabrics. Very happy with the results. Some might get another coat, but at least 95%  are very usable. Most of which very inspiring. I'm very happy with this project. I bought a green dye today, so...

Then after all the fabric laundry I visited a neighbor who was visited by a mutual friend, so the 3 of us had a nice chat and some vino tinto.

So no sewing today. But I made this quite pretty collage of my hand dyed fabrics and some of the results of them. I've also used some other fabrics too. I think you can tell them apart.

This one I did for myself and am getting compliments from people:

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